11 August 2015

Spring/Summer 2014

I've neglected this blog for 18 months, and I'm trying to bring it back. This allows me to remember the highlights from each year since our wedding, to create a visual timeline of key moments.

Jan-Feb 2014: We actually had 3 snow days and 3 late start days! We only had a dusting of snow, but icy danger the other days, even if for just the morning hours. 

New Year's 2014 6th Street after Shakey Graves show

Bartleby loves fires, and maybe hearty chili

Wheatsville Staff Party-Josh and Jason

Joshua receiving his award for Class Clown

Petty loves the cold weather!

Just as long as this is all the snow he has to deal with!

Jammin' with the guys

New 'do on the new couch!

Happy boy howling

Spring Break 2014: Mom and Dad came to Austin for a few rainy days, and then I joined them at their hotel in San Antonio for a few nights during the Carpets Plus convention.

Dairy-free ice cream at Sweet Ritual, after shopping for cowboy gear at Shepler's

River Walk Boat Tour

Shopping at La Villeta

Cathedral on a beautiful sunny day!

Formal dinner

Walking tour downtown

Mom and Dad at Cathedral Square

Missions tour-monestary arches

Beautifully carved doorway to chapel

Rose Window of the chapel

Catching the trolley tour on a windy SA day

Convention opening night photo op

On the final Saturday of break, we had free tickets (c/o Twitter and Joshua) to see the Heartbreaker's Banquet at Willie Nelson's Ranch in Luck, just west of Austin. It was the end of SXSW, and we were lucky enough to see Shovels and Rope, Lucas Wilson, and even Willie himself, with lots of family!
McIntosh Room

Christie, Ben, Joshua, Sam, and Jason

Old West film Set turned festival venue

Waiting for free whiskey
Willie and Lucas Nelson

Kerbey Lane on the way home for Joshua and his driver

Chapel Stage

Festival Poster

Fun times wrapping up the school year with our fur babies, as always!

We found our new favorite park, right on Lake Austin!

Red Bud Isle Dog Park

That time we saw Alicia Silverstone talk at Book People

Hiking in my short hair

Geppetto is a--

...wild and crazy


Loki loves sunning himself on the balcony

Bartleby loves to eat

Our neighbor downstairs was a friendly veteran with a beautiful garden, Lizard and I will miss his roses!

At the end of May, Heather, Jeremy and Danielle came for a visit. We celebrated the submission of my National Board portfolio by driving out to The Woodlands north of Houston for a Dave Matthews Band concert, literally at the last minute. We arrived as the first song was playing and danced all night!

Heather, Jeremy, Joshua and Danielle-The Illinois crew

DMB 2014-The Woodlands

Tall boys

We happened to go to 6th St on graduation night--oops, it was even crazier than normal!

A necessity after a night downtown

Danielle turning up..

...the WHAT!

She gone!

Party in Lakeway

Sundaes at Sweet Ritual

Petty's rocking mohawk

Georgetown Square

Williamson county courthouse-you don't want to find yourself here...
Roller Derby!
NHS banquet May 2014

Packing up the classroom after year #2 at Crockett

Congratulations Crockett Cougars class of 2014!

Hurry up and wait...

Waiting for the bats...

Ready for another summer!

Summer and Mandy enjoying pizza during AVID '14 in Dallas

T Rex in the Big D!

Roaming Downtown Dallas

After a fun AVID conference in Dallas at the end of June, Joshua and Gepetto and I drove north to Milwaukee to surprise Heather and Danielle for Summerfest DMB show, and then visit Brian and Linda for the 4th.

Our new favorite slot
Potawatomi, morning after Summer Fest and DMB!
Pedicures with Momo and Olivia at Anaala
Hilldale girls' day
Olivia showing Grant the pony at Eugster's Farm
Boys love to wrestle
Olivia's Fairy Garden
Dinner at Norton's after a fun day on the Lake with our Pontoon boat, tube, and baby jet skis
Jackson joined Grandma and I for a treat at the McFarland House
Olivia keeping Grant happy at Connor's birthday party
Petty joined the fun at Jac's birthday party
Sunset boat tour on Lake Geneva with mom and dad
Brewer game for Mom's birthday with Linda, Brian, Dom, Lou and Dad
Petty and I took a road trip to Minnesota and he made some friends
Jenny and her little guy
Dinner at Graze with Nina, Claire, Ben and Jason
Captain America is ready to save the day
These 3 drove up to meet Joshua and  I before our drive back south...had to hit the Union

Linda and Brian showing us the wedding hotel-Joshua is impressed
Geppetto is worn out!
Grant is excited for fireworks!
Uncle Joshua is setting things off!
Fireworks in PJs at the Lavin's
Grant as Spiderman
Connor has become camera averse at 5 years old
Teenage Mutant Ninja Connor
Olivia and her dance class performing at the Art Fair on the Square
Geppetto and I joined Holly and Lisa at Fete de Marquette

4th of July on Lake Michigan, waiting for the Fireworks

Took a detour to Moscow, Kentucky to see the birthplace of Joshua's Grandma Dorothy

UW vs LSU Season Kick-off at the Texans Stadium in Houston
We drove out Labor Day weekend and met Mom and Dad to represent for Bucky

Before the 8:00 game start, Mom and I visited the Rothko Chapel and McNay Art Museum while Joshua and Dad got some rest back at the hotel. :)

The UW Alumni Society put on a fun tailgate at the Texans practice facility, complete with JJ Watt, Bucky and the Texans cheerleaders! It was scorching hot, but a lot of fun!

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